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I'M (not) SORRY

A few years back, I went to a screening in New York of a film called EQUITY. It was set in the world of high finance and featured a female-led team in front of and behind the camera. I thought it was so aces - and after working for almost a decade at a private equity firm, a hedge fund, and a private investment office, also so accurate - that after the talkback I found the writer and awkwardly fangirled at her.

Fast forward to last month, and I’m in an audition room with that same writer, trying to be cool. (•_•)

Friends I guess it worked, because I’m playing SILO in the world premiere of Amy Fox’s new play I’M SORRY at the Ensemble Studio Theater this month. Hilarious powerhouse Morgan Gould directed, and I’m playing alongside Tim Barker, Kim Brockington, Mariah Lee, and old indie theater friend Jason Liebman. Come see us!